Are you done pretending to be someone you are not? This podcast is inviting you to discover more of you your brillance and your potential, even if it is different as you think


What are you shy of in the bedroom?

What have we been shy of asking for either in and out of the bedroom? Both? What if we're actually willing to explore or be curious about what that might be that really turn us on in our lives?

What If we gave ourselves permission to not have to be normal and accept things how they currently are?  On this episode of Xpotentialize Simone & her guest Georgia Watson explore all of this & more.

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9 Trannies with Sylvia Puentes

What if all it takes to unravel your magical capacities is the willingness to just let go of the judgment?  In this episode of the Xpotentialize, Simone and her guest Sylvia Puentes explore what is truly possible when you choose to be willing to have a different reality to show up different in the world.

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Bodies & Wealth with Moira Bramley

What is wealth - to you? This is an invitation and an energetic journey to discover what is Wealth for you and what does your body know about creating it. Lady Moira shares her story from poverty to wealth and give helpful Tools to use to start to have and be more of you.

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Xpotentialize with Marnie Richman

WTF is Xpotentialize? Yep something NEW - Something Potent and yes something you probably should not listen and receive as you might find out, it addresses things about you - you have decided better to hide. Is now the time to come out of hiding and have all of you even if it is so different to what others have decided is right? On this episode of Xpotentialize Simone & her guest Marnie Barranco explore all of this & more.

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Who is Simone Zücker?

I facilitate many awesome classes in Access Consciousness, ® all designed to uncover what’s true for you with personal relationships, well-being, and also finances, career, business. The past is not important. If you’ve always known there’s something different, get in touch and let’s explore the future you would like. What do you desire to create in the world?

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